What You Should Know Before Getting Solar Panels

Solar Panels are a very smart choice for homeowners. In fact, having Solar Panels make for a good investment financially. There are many offers out there from various solar companies. Therefore, it is imperative that one take a look at the many important factors when trying to make that very important purchase.

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The factors can range from choosing the best equipment for your system to financing options; not to mention, the installer among them. However, one should be looking for great savings while getting the best overall solar experience anywhere for that matter be it solar power Virginia. Yeah, for example having solar panels in Virginia and using solar energy in Virginia can give families that smart investment. But, again,…. the companies, and solar companies in Virginia like other places are competing for one’s business. So, choosing the right company, the best solar panels, and quality equipment is vital to ensure a good investment. However, here the main focus will be selecting the best solar panels for a home or even an office building to get the highest in quality for a top notch investment. 

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To start, an important tip before being guided to making the best solar panel choice, one has to understand that there are two major items to a solar energy system that is grid connected. The items are the solar panels which generate energy and electricity from the sun and the inverter which converts and transforms the energy and electricity into a form that can be utilized in a home. One can include other items such as a monitoring system which allows one to see how much electrical power is being generated and how much is being used and solar batteries along with other technologies which are becoming mainstream. 

Start with research. Check and find solar panel efficiency vs. industry average. It is said that the industry’s average is about 16 to 18%. Research and check warranties. Yes, manufacturer warranties on solar panels are of the utmost importance because if problems arise, one would want and need to be covered. Compare the solar panel warranty to the industry average of 10 to 25 years. Efficiency is the next big thing that should be researched. Efficiency is also very important because the whole goal of solar panel use and solar energy use is to be more efficient cost wise along with other benefits like helping the environment. Therefore, it is important to note that relative efficiency is the point here because at times the most efficient panels are not the best values always. Solar panels should be chosen based on production which is how much energy and electricity can be produced, along with durability which is how resilient and long-lasting the solar panel and the quality of the manufacturer which is the worth and caliber of the solar panel. The production, durability and manufacturer quality are the three basic aspects one should be concerned about when selecting and choosing what solar panels are right for a home or building. From the production aspect the amount of electricity and energy the solar panel will produce will be based on the power rating and power tolerance along with efficiency; in addition to, temperature coefficient as this will let one know how productive the solar panel will be. In terms of the solar panel’s durability, the material from which the solar panel is made needs to be of the best quality especially when the weather in a given area is considered. The solar panels need to be able to withstand different types of weather for example if one lives in an area that has high winds or heavy snow the solar panel needs to have been made of material that is reliable and durable under those conditions. It should be noted here that the International Electrotechnical Commission or IEC as it is commonly known has criteria established for durability and reliability. IEC has a stress test that is an accelerated outdoor test that should meet durability standards. From the standpoint of the manufacturer quality as previously mentioned, one needs to ensure that quality is good as most manufacturers will guarantee that the production of power from the solar panels will not fall below a certain amount over a 25 year period and some have material warranties to replace if the panel simply fails. The focus has been on solar panels as promised but the right inverter selection is equally important; therefore, much research should be done for the right inverter also.